Senior-Female-Best-Friends-Yorba-Linda-Senior-Care-WebsitesOur proactive caregiving services includes activities that balance the physical, emotional, ental, spiritual and social needs of our clients. Hearts In Home is proud to offer Orange County a wide array of in home senior care services. Whether you or a loved one needs a little extra help around the house or assistance traveling to and from doctor appointments, Hearts In Home is here to help!

In Home Care

Senior-Couples-Enjoyi-Yorba-Linda-Seniors-Care-WebsitesWe provide personal care services in the comfort of your home

  • Basic in-home tasks: light housekeeping, laundry, linen changes, medication reminders, re-stocking the fridge or pantry, wrapping gifts, walking the dog, changing a light bulb, etc.
  • Preparing healthy, nutritious meals and/or diet food.
  • Transport service: Running errands, driving them to market, bank, post office, church, movies, visiting family, maintaining their ongoing social relationships and activities with friends.
  • Errands: Pick up dry cleaning, mail, dinner from a favorite local restaurant, etc.
  • Plant and pet care.
  • Cultural Outings, movies, etc.

Joyful Companionship

Smiling-Nurse-Assisting-Senior-Yorba-Linda-Seniors-Care-WebsitesIt is lonely to be alone. This applies to everyone, young an old. Loneliness is worse than any disease. We’re here to provide thoughtful and stimulating conversation to help keep your loved one coherent, engaged, entertained, and informed. Our caregivers love to engage your loved one in favorite activities such as playing cards, games, watching television or movies, gardening, etc. Regular interaction with one of our caregivers promotes a special bond, a sense of worth and an emotional well-being.

Our goal is to strive to make life more meaningful and have more purpose for the clients in our care.

Daily Activity Assistance:


Below are examples of some of the  ctivities we encourage our clients to maintain for a well-rounded sense of balance in their social and active calendars.

  • Shopping
  • Walking through the neighborhood
  • Attending senior meetings
  • Attending group classes at the local community centers
  • Conversations regarding current events or personal interests
  • Reminiscing about happy moments during youthful times and happy memories with friends and family.
  • Dancing to music, games , singing karaoke, reading out loud, listening to stories and other fun activities
  • Engaging in Old Hobbies
  • Developing new hobbies
  • Writing letters or cards

Respite Care

Home-Care--Yorba-Linda-Senior-Care-WebsitesSome family members hesitate to relinquish their caregiving duties with their love ones simply because they are worried about trusting their love one with stranger. Hearts In Home will help to ease this fear and deliver you temporary relief by providing trustworthy and capable assistance. Our caregivers provide respite care so your mind and body can rest at ease; making it possible to have the physical, mental and emotional rest you need.

Facility Care Assistance

Two-Health-Care-Professionals-Yorba-Linda-Seniors-Care-WebsitesIf your loved one is living in an assisted living home and the assisted living facility requires you to bring additional assistance, we can support that need.

Hospital Bedside & Discharge Care


Hospitals are always short of staff. Often times each nurse is assigned so many patients that an outside assistant is required.

We can help you fill that need and be with your loved one at the hospital during the stay as well as continuing to provide superior care once they have arrived home or to a facility.

Care Management


Care Management for clients whose family are far away- we will provide you a weekly written report of our services rendered as well as ongoing activities provided. We will make sure doctors’ appointments are made and kept, medication refills are current, food supplies are maintained, and a healthy, balanced diet is provided.

We provide open communication through phone, e mail, or text messages; whichever is most convenient.

Veteran Care Services


We are honored and humbled to have the opportunity to serve our nation’s finest. You may qualify for government funded programs that assist in the cost of in-home care services. Veterans can expect to receive affordable, top quality care.

Dementia and Alzheimer’s Disease

Senior-Man-With-Knee-Arthritis-Yorba-Linda-Senior-Care-WebsitesHearts In Home Caregivers are trained and experienced to care for your loved one ensuring the beginning stages to the advanced stages of the disease. Our specialists help loved ones with momentary lapses in memory or times of confusion. For those with cognitive impairment, our goal is to increase safety, decrease falls, and to manage anxiety and behavioral issues.

Ambulatory or Non-ambulatory Clients

Woman-Yorba-Linda-Senior-Care-WebsitesYour loved ones’ safety is our number one priority.

  •  Proper transfers from wheel chair to bed to chair to toilets or to shower.
  •  Exercise and range of motion therapy

Specialty Care

  • Medicine-Support-Family-Heal-Yorba-Linda-Seniors-Care-WebsitesDementia
  • Diabetes
  • Parkinson’s Disease
  • Congestive Heart failure
  • Myocardial Infarction
  • Pneumonia
  • Diabetes
  • Osteoarthritis and Mobility Loss
  • Cancer recovery
  • Hospice Care assistance
  • Hypertension/Stroke recovery
  • Surgical Recovery Support along with the home
  • Health agency
  • Hospice care support along with the hospice company
  • Multiple Sclerosis
  • And more…

Transitioning Home and Transportation

Senior-Woman-Yorba-Linda-Senior-Care-WebsitesWe can help fulfil the needs of clients who are returning from the hospital after a serious surgery, hospitalization, or rehabilitation. The specialized, attentive care we provide enables your loved one to heal faster and with a more comfortable recovery. We would love to pick up your loved one from the hospital and make sure they arrive home safely. Prior to discharge, we will also make sure all the medication instructions are clear and complete and pick up the prescriptions from the pharmacy. We would be happy to assist in taking them back to the doctor’s office for post hospitalization follow ups and post-op examinations; working closely with health professionals to take notes about any special care they may need during their recovery. Our caregiver will be sure to have regular communication with the medical team and act as a liaison between the doctors and you to maintain consistency of care. By assisting in these time-consuming tasks we help to bring you peace of mind that your loved one is receiving the best treatment available.

Our Hearts In Home caregivers are trained and encouraged to help your loved one to rekindle his or her zest for life. Our goal is to ensure they feel independent, happy, comfortable and loved. We help to nurture their relationships with family to create more memorable and happy memories. We help to create a safer, healthier and more loving environment to help your loved one thrive.

End of Life Care

Senior-woman-with-seriously-Yorba-Linda-Senior-Care-WebsitesKnowing that the time left with your loved one is limited time is so difficult and draining physically, emotionally, and mentally. We provide care and comfort to loved ones as well as moral support for the family through end of life care. We have a lot of experience coordinating our services with those of the hospice companies as they come to assist your loved one in the medical aspect of care.

Personalized Care

Senior-Woman-Yorba-Linda-Seniors-Care-WebsitesWe believe that each person has a unique situation with different needs and expectations. Hearts In Home offers customized service based on the individualized needs of our clients. Our case manager meet with you to do a personal assessment of your loved one’s needs so we can give the most fitting service. Our care plan is tailored to help your loved one overcome the moments of discomfort and allow them to keep their independence intact as their ability allows.

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